Preserve a Local Treasure

Mission SJC

Membership to the Mission San Juan Capistrano Preservation Society is a MUST for Orange County families. Why? I see something different and learn something new on every visit to the Mission. They have special programs for kids. It's local history! It's such a deal - for a family of 4 we get in for $55/year this year. Plus, your dollars go towards preserving this … [Read more...]

Camp Quick, Camp Local


Mr. Play Parks spends long hours at his office and yearns to get outdoors on the weekends. Our day trips aren't really enough for a guy who spent a childhood camping for family vacations.  I'm always up for an adventure, so we decided to test out Caspers Wilderness Park campground for camping local.  If you are new to camping or haven't done it in a looonnnngggg time, I have … [Read more...]

Top 3 Orange County Train Trips for Locals


Thanks to reader, Aimee, who requested a new list from me: "I'd love a list of fun things to do for 3-5 year olds within walking distance of train stations (that are reasonably priced, of course). Destinations could be LA, OC or San Diego."  So for Orange County train trips, I will be looking at: 3-5 year old age range (let's call them preschoolers) walking distance … [Read more...]