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10 Ways to Find New Places to Play

10 Ways to Find New Places to Play

To learn 10 ways to find new places to play – you first need to learn a little about your play trips guide — ME! Read why I’m the perfect person to guide you through suggestions of new places to play and things to do outdoors in Orange County.

Next – you need to know that this is NOT an official website of any government entity or nonprofit organization. It is a completely independent blog written by a local mom about local parks and outdoor things to do in Orange County. 

10 Ways to Find New Places to Play

Boredom is NOT Boring

(#1 – #4) Figure Out How to Find Places to Play on This Site

  • Pick a region of Orange County – South OC, North OC, or Central OC from the Park Map & Playgrounds page.
  • Pick a city within the region – The regional pages all have:
    • a city link which will bring you to my blog posts about parks in that city,
    • a list of regional parks in that region,
    • and a list of direct links to all the city website park pages in that region.
  • Explore my custom interactive park map — and click on a marker. The marker will bring up the park name which links to a blog post with detailed info about each park. I’m currently working on an update to this map that makes it easier to access via mobile.
  • Type the name of a park into the Search bar at the top right of your screen (when you’re on your desktop). Or the search box after the blog posts on mobile.

(#5 ) Read Everything I Write

(#6 – #9) Join This Community and Contribute

  • When I ask questions in my newsletter — answer back! I always try to respond to emails. 
  • Connect with me at my @ocplayparks Instagram account 
  • When you find a park that needs updating on my blog or you just want to contribute to our park conversation — email me ( with edits.
  • If you ever find a park that I don’t have on the site or if you want to write for the blog, please consider sending photos and contributing so I can post for others (see How to Be a Volunteer Park Reporter).

(#10) Consult the Experts

Hope this helps you find new places to play — and you can always email me and ask me questions. (Although, I sometimes take a little while to answer.)

Thanks for reading and it’s nice to see so many families getting out to play these days.