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Ultimate Guide to City Recreation Programs and Calendars in OC

Ultimate Guide to City Recreation Programs and Calendars in OC

Welcome to the ultimate guide to city recreation programs and calendars in OC with links to each city’s community calendar or recreation classes and activities guides.

If you live in Orange County, chances are you get a recreation guide mailed to you on a seasonal basis or at least a community newsletter.

But we are all accustomed to traveling between many different OC cities on a daily basis. These newsletters and guides are also available online.

What if you are missing a family recreational opportunity that might be right next door to you?

How to Use This Guide to City Recreation Programs and Calendars

The guide is designed to give you a direct link to the Community Services departments of each city. In many cases, I even drilled down to the Parks and Recreation Department levels. That’s where the classes are offered.  

In many cases, you can pay a non-resident rate to participate in city recreation classes where you are NOT a resident. When you click through to the links, I’d recommend:

  • Browse the City Event calendar: Maybe there’s a concert in the park or holiday celebration you can attend?
  • Find a pool: Most of these cities have community pools and swim lessons. The term that’s used on city websites is: Aquatics or Swim Classes. Pool hours change and class offerings are different depending on the season, otherwise I would have linked to each pool. Also look for the term: Recreational Swim (or Rec Swim) for “free swim” opportunities for your kids. It often costs between $2-$6 for a session of this.
  • Make park reservations: Most of the websites also have links to their park reservation system or a phone number. They also have rules for bounce houses and any other questions you might have about reserving a park for a party. The terminology used for park reservations is usually: Facilities or Park Shelters.

Links to 32 Orange County Cities

Have fun and hope you find something enjoyable to do in your city! Check neighboring cities, too.

And one more tip: If you are looking for public swim programs — sometimes the hours and options are hiding INSIDE the Parks and Recreation catalogues which are packed with info on programs and classes. As a useful addition in 2024, I’m adding drilled down links to aquatics and pool info for cities with specific pages for that info if that is what you are looking for here!

Interested in Splash Pads and Water Play in Orange County? I have a post for that, too!

Originally posted in July 2015.