Crafty Kids: How to Make a Flower Centerpiece Craft

Flower Centerpiece Craft

Daughter: "Mommy, I wish we had flowers for the table." Me: "Why don't you make us some flowers?" And within a few minutes we had the cutest flower centerpiece craft completed -- and our table was ready for our family dinner! Tools and Supplies: Construction paper Scissors Scotch tape (or glue stick - depending on how long until dinner is served and if the glue … [Read more...]

Stuff to Build


This play idea fits into the stuff to build category.  I can always get kids excited about this project -- no matter where we are and no matter the age of the kids. It's one of those quieter outdoor activities, but it can only be done at the park or in the backyard where there's a large palette of nature items. The kids are very deliberate in their choices and proud of the … [Read more...]

What We Did on our Spring Break


Can you guess what we did? We played! Big time. The first weekend of Spring Break was spent on a quick road trip exploring the foothills around Tucson. I didn't really schedule anything specific for the weekdays, but they sure filled up fast. MONDAY: My friend with 3 kids drove up from San Diego and we took them to Colonel Bill Barber Memorial Park from 10-Noon. The kids … [Read more...]

Recording a Love for Nature


My daughter just bought her first diary at a book fair. I remember how big a deal it was to buy a special book with a little lock. She knows anyone can open it with the little key dangling from the ribbon, but her words must seem more important and meaningful when they warrant a lock. Nature isn't private, though. It's something she sees, records, and shares with anyone who … [Read more...]

Your Posts Are Waaayyy Better Than Mine


I need your help! I don't just need park recommendations, I need guest bloggers. You are all PLAY EXPERTS and I could use your expertise with my new limited blogging schedule. I consider us a family. A tight-knit, crazy play community and I want to offer you more opportunities to contribute in FUN WAYS. I cannot offer any compensation (The few dollars I make goes right back … [Read more...]