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Kids Grow Gardens of Joy

Kids Grow Gardens of Joy

We have a “dry” recycling bin in the kitchen where we throw newspapers, boxes, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls and the like. My son picks through it periodically asking “Can I use this?” or “Can I build something out of this?” Of course, my answer is always “Yes! Have at it!”

He involved his little sister in his plans this time around. You see, she owned the seeds–a packet of wildflowers gifted from her preschool teacher. He reclaimed a cardboard egg carton which he rigged as a planter. He cut off the top and taped it underneath the egg tray leaving drain holes for excess water.

I grabbed a sack of soil from the garage and met them in the courtyard. The rest of the project was up to them. You can see what they did above.


I believe they were inspired to take on this little project by my son’s public school teacher. My son sprouted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in milk cartons this past school year. (You can see the huge pumpkin plant above. The sunflower is still in the milk carton.) Hurray for teachers!