Wildcatters Park in Brea: Benches Galore for Parents and Climbing for Kids


Wildcatters Park in Brea is so new it isn’t even on the map yet! This unique park has beautiful landscaping, fun play elements and a bit of shade built right into the structures.

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Directions to Wildcatters Park in Brea: Located off of Santa Fe Road, just west of Valencia Avenue. From the 57 freeway, exit at Lambert and head east. Make a left onto Kraemer Blvd, which becomes Santa Fe Road as it winds through the hills. Wildcatters Park will be on your left, just before you come to Valencia Avenue. The playground is near the parking lot on the west side of the football field. (Address: 3301 E. Santa Fe, Brea) MAP TO WILDCATTERS PARK

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  • Fun tree house elements on the larger structure – can you spot all of the animals living in the tree?
  • Log tunnel near the smaller structure – my kids particularly love this!
  • Piano and drum play panels
  • Some shading built into both structures
  • Four baby swings and three bench swings
  • One accessible swing with the bench swings
  • Benches galore – more seating for parents then I’ve ever seen surrounding a playground
  • Some parents will like that the playground is sand-free

Be Aware:

  • This playground is part of a sports complex and may be very busy during games
  • Exposed areas of the playground can become extremely hot on very warm days
  • Upper section of the larger structure is only accessible via tunnel or rock climbing – be prepared when following smaller explorers


  • Two dedicated parking lots (one near the playground, one on the other side of the football field)
  • Restrooms (near the playground as well as on the other side of the football field)
  • Recycled rubber surfacing
  • Drinking fountains
  • Concessions during sporting events
  • 0.6 mile paved trail
  • Picnic benches and BBQs
  • Large grassy area just downhill from the play structures
  • Football/multi-use field, baseball diamond and full basketball court
  • Official City of Brea Website
  • Nearest Public Library: The Brea Branch Library of the OC Public Library is located at 1 Civic Center Circle. Brea Branch Library website

Nearby Parks:

Photo credit: Awesome photos by Lisa Lasater, North County Parks Reporter


  1. Cory says

    I finally made it out to this park! I had a playdate with two other moms and their kiddos… We each had a 3 year old and an under 7 month old with us. We all had a great time! Parking was easy (this was on a Thursday afternoon with no sporting events) and close and so are the bathrooms. I liked sitting at a table that was between the bigger play structure and the one for smaller kiddos. Our kids had fun at both structures, but had a greater interest in the larger one (of course!). The only thing I didn’t like is that there were a few openings at the top of this VERY tall structure that really made me nervous (near the tree house ladder and the rock climbing structure). Since I was with the baby, I told my 3 year old that she was not allowed up the structure without me. My friends told their kiddos the same. Other than that, there were so many fun things for the kids to play on and explore as well as wide open spaces for lots of running and just having fun. We also had fun with all the kids and moms we met while we were there. Bathrooms weren’t great for 3 year olds (think beach bathrooms with metal toilets and no lights or hand towels), but they were clean, had toilet paper and soap, and were right next to the playground.

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