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Acacia Park in Fullerton

Acacia Park in Fullerton

Acacia Park in Fullerton is centered in a lovely long park located near elementary schools and very close to Cal State Fullerton. The city closed the old wooden playground to the public in March 2022, but now it’s open with a new playground!

It is a 5-12 year old park so there climbing opportunities, tall slides, and swings.

I first found out the park was re-opening in December 2023 when I saw a Grand Opening post from the Fullerton Parks & Recreation on Instagram which I shared back at the end of November 2023. Then Pacific Play Systems shared their Grand Opening teaser. Finally, Grace at Plan a Day Out made it out there to showcase the new playground in January 2024 which reminded me I needed to add it to the blog! Thanks, Grace.

Location: This one is easy to get to from the freeway! Exit the 57 freeway at Yorba Linda Blvd and head towards Cal State Fullerton. You’ll pass the Fullerton Arboretum on your left. You will continue to drive straight up into the neighborhood where you’ll turn left onto Fullerton Creek Drive. The road curves around until you see the playground on your left. You can park along the street here. (Acacia Park Address: 1910 Fullerton Creek Drive, Fullerton) MAP TO ACACIA PARK IN FULLERTON


This is 100%, the only mammoth head climber in Orange County. I’m sure the kids will come to call this park “the elephant park” or the “mammoth park.”

There is a double slide right at the base of the big play structure. Smaller kids will have fun only going this far.

Once you get past this double slide and tic-tac-toe board, kids will need to traverse a boulder to get to the rest of the play elements. It doesn’t look that high in the photos, but it is pretty high off the ground and some kids will want a spotter up here. If they are daring, they can even skip the steps and climb the boulder!

There are two more slides as you get to the top of the play structure. A curvy one right past the boulder and a longer one after you go across another narrow bridge.

This is what that narrow bridge looks like up there, leading tot he head of the mammoth:

Climbing opportunities abound! (I say it over and over in this post.) The pine tree climbers are one way to get up to the top of the mammoth head.

Near the tall slide, there is a domed rope and climbing apparatus, plus a ladder, with lots of ways for older kids to reach the top of the structure to take the slide.

There are 4 bench swings and 1 baby swing.

I love that this park is long enough for wandering along the creek. Lots of trees dot the grassy areas and there is plenty of space for picnics and watching the kids play.

The playground is set away from the street inside a neighborhood.

Be Aware:

To get from the main steps to the slides, the kids need to traverse a huge boulder connector which is VERY high off the ground with no handrails or guards against falls. This playground is rated for 5-12 year olds and this is one of the reasons why. That age will probably love this feature! I even felt a little unsteady up there and if you have a child who is fearful of heights this could be scary.

When we visited, the bark under the bench swings was dug out so the swings were really high off the ground and hard to get seated.

Because it is inside the neighborhood and near schools it is popular and often quite busy. School traffic can impact access. We went early on a weekend morning and a fitness trainer was running a small class here.

All of the climbers and high-off-the-ground openings make it tough for the under 5 years old kiddos. They can play on the mammoth from below and there is a clubhouse underneath the equipment. My kids used to love to play restaurants in this setup. They can also go on the monkey bars on the under side of that narrow bridge.


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