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Summer Walk Challenge from Nature Rocks and the American Heart Association

Summer Walk Challenge from Nature Rocks and the American Heart Association

Nature Rocks today announced a summer walk challenge collaboration with the American Heart Association’s Start! Initiative.  Together, they bring you a fun, free and healthy activity for the 2010 summer. “60 Miles in 60 Days” celebrates the outdoors and heart health by encouraging families to walk 60 miles in 60 days between June 22 and August 22.

  • Start! encourages increased physical activity among all Americans, emphasizing walking because it’s easy, free and has the lowest dropout rate of any form of activity.
  • Nature Rocks is a national program created to inspire and empower parents to take their families to play, explore and enjoy quality time in nature.

We’ve been following Nature Rocks since its inception. We started our Nature Play Club inspired by their Flocks literature. The organization partners with The Nature Conservancy, REI, Children and Nature Network, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the American Camp Association and ecoAmerica. To learn more about them and their partners, visit their website, support them on Facebook at or follow them on Twitter at

Why I’m signing up?

  • I’d like to be even more active with my kids.
  • It gives us motivation and a great excuse to get outdoors – even when we might be feeling lazy.
  • I have a lot of respect for both organizations.
  • Why not? (Too busy is not a good answer.)

Walking Apps (They suggest a pedometer, but there are walking apps that track your trip distance.)

Those interested in “60 Miles in 60 Days” can sign up at Start Walking Now and visit Nature Rocks to download a free guide – complete with tips, a walking checklist and mileage tracker – to help complete the challenge safely and successfully. The first 60 people to sign up will receive prizes from Nature Rocks and American Heart Association.

On your mark, get set, GO!

Nature Rocks

Friday 20th of August 2010

Hey, Michelle! We're so glad to hear that you made the pledge this summer! How has it benefited you so far?


Friday 20th of August 2010

It's been tough to actually walk together every single day - considering our different schedules. Had school been in session - our walks to school would have met the challenge in a snap! However, we were mindful of being active outdoors together and often substituted swimming at our neighborhood pool for walking time. I wish there were activity calculators for playground play, nature hikes, and swimming pool play. I noticed our activity level greatly increased on our vacation time (when chores and the daily routine weren't a factor). Thanks for making our summer extra active!

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