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Planning Summer Fun For Kids

Planning Summer Fun For Kids

For all the do-it-yourselfers, list-makers, Pinterest-board-breakers (don’t know what that means, but it rhymes) . . .

Some summer fun for kids play ideas for that blank slate . . .

First, read Top 5 Things to Know to Navigate


Calendar It

Go to Google Calendar and print out a blank calendar for June through Labor Day.

X It Out

X out at least ONE day a week with no plans. Seriously, that X means something! It means you are giving yourself space to be spontaneous. You are giving your kids time to hang out and play at home or in the yard.  You never know what will happen on that X day — but it won’t be planned.

Crowdbusting – Summer Concerts, the OC Fair, and Festival of the Arts

I usually leave this part out because I’m not a fan of crowds, but if these are “musts” of summer for you then put them on the calendar.

Then, there’s always the traditions of the in Costa Mesa and Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach.

Need Some Motivation?

Do you need a list to conquer — or a goal — for your outdoor wanderings or special outings?

Nature Play Club

I’m hoping to have my new website open for membership by mid-summer. LOTS going on behind-the-scenes. So save some room for Nature Play!