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Rolling Hills Park in Fullerton

Rolling Hills Park in Fullerton

Rolling Hills Park in Fullerton definitely lives up to its name – there are plenty of hills to roll down and run all around.

There are park benches and picnic benches scattered throughout the hills which makes it a great place to spend a relaxing morning or afternoon.

It closed for renovations in August 2018 and opened with new playground equipment and a fitness course in April 2021.

large playground with tan and green shade sails over the play structure on a bark surface with surrounding trees

How to Get to Rolling Hills Park in Fullerton: We traveled by way of the 57 Freeway. Exit at Yorba Linda Boulevard and turn towards Cal State Fullerton. Get in the right lane so you are prepared to turn right on Associated Road. After turning right onto Associated, get into the left lane for the left turn onto Bastanchury.  Get into the right lane and prepare to enter the parking lot off Bastanchury. Address: 1515 E. Bastanchury Road, Fullerton.  MAP TO ROLLING HILLS PARK IN FULLERTON

rolling hills park playground monkey bar handles framed against the playground equipment


Lots of trees in the surrounding park which make it really easy to find shade on a hot day. I loved taking the sidewalk around the park along the fitness course loop.

Main play structure for 5-12 year olds that encourages climbing and exploring. A long tunnel slide and another bendy slide are on the hill side of the play structure with lots of climbing elements on the other side.

Rope climber and spinner with a climbing ramp and stairs visible against a lawn covered hill

The playground does not have direct shade from trees, but the new shade sails offer a little relief.

There are some adorable and eclectic backyards viewable through chain link fence from the path that goes up past the playground – more fun for parents to see but definitely worth checking out.

Even though this is on a main street, there’s a temporary chain link fence to prevent the kids from getting mixed up in traffic, but now that there is a parking lot where kids should be cautious.

outdoor fitness equipment meant for shoulder raises

They’ve added a fitness course with some pretty nice equipment.

2 bench swings, 2 baby swings.

split slide on play equipment

There used to be a cute little red clubhouse at this park and they’ve preserved the spirit of that in the 2-5 year old play structure.

I love this structure because it’s closest to the benches and really preschool friendly with tons of slides and tunnels.

clubhouse table underneath a plastic bubble

Be Aware:

The parking lot is off a busy street and it’s unclear what the permanent fencing will be.

I scouted this out early in the morning and it was quite wet from sprinklers, so you might want to bring a towel to wipe down slides if you go early.

Some will miss the charm of the old wooden play structure, but it’s still a great park overall.

wide view of the big lawn area at Rolling Hills Park in Fullerton


  • New restroom building and even a water bottle refill station
  • Parking in a dedicated lot right off Bastanchury which now has 16 spaces and 2 accessible spaces
  • Bark play surface
  • Plenty of park benches and picnic tables
  • Shade from trees for picnics
  • Fitness course with a few stations off the sidewalk
  • Official City of Fullerton website for Rolling Hills Park
restroom building at Rolling Hills Park in Fullerton underneath tall trees against a cloudy sky

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Old photos of Rolling Hills Park in Fullerton before it was renovated between 2018 and 2021:

Photo credit: Lisa Lasater, North County Volunteer Park Reporter

Originally posted in March 2011.

Mrs. Hoeller

Saturday 5th of November 2011

My little girl and I drive past this park twice a day every weekday on the way to and from preschool. We lovingly call it "the fire engine park". Its a well kept park and playground but the lack of restrooms really is an I convenience to say the least... I mean really... A port-a-potty with a toddler just out of diapers?? How am I supposed to fit in there with her, just ridiculous if you ask me. I would bet that those "eclectic" yards viewed through chainlink fences have a lot to do with why there's no restrooms. If I was a home owner here, I would vote against a public restroom for many reasons. But as the Mommy of a now 3 year old, its not as ideal as it could be to enjoy an afternoon playing and picnicking without a place to take her tinkle..

Jacqueline Castro

Thursday 2nd of June 2011

BEWARE!! my 2 year old son fell 5 feet out of the big opening by the swirl slide. He was coming down the stair and lost his balance, went forward and that leads right to the opening which is a 5 foot drop. He was ok but please watch your toddlers as there are many of these openings on this jungle gym.

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