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Zooming In On Fun

Zooming In On Fun

I kinda feel like playing on the weekends. In fact, that’s where I am right now. Playing with my family. When I take the time to just hang out and watch the world go by, I notice some pretty cool stuff. For instance, we’re paying members of Pretend City.

Where is it?
Pretend City is in Irvine, really close to Wild Rivers Water Park. It’s on 29 Hubble, Irvine, CA.

Did you know they have a mission?
“Pretend City is a community which builds better brains through fun, whole body learning experiences and empowers children and their grown-ups to meaningfully connect with and expand their world.” Furthermore, they received an award of $3.5 million from The Orange County Children and Families Commission “to create and facilitate the implementation of a 10-year countywide initiative to promote developmental screenings (to ensure that children are developing appropriately, physically and mentally, for their ages).”

Here’s 3 interesting things you can ZOOM in on while you’re there:

1. Screws. See the photo above. I never noticed this board full of screws to manipulate with screwdrivers until you actually go into the construction part of the house and turn around to look at the door space.

2. The Farm. I could sit for 2 hours and watch just the baby chicks. They have a little ridge above their beak. A future rooster? Or do all hens have that ridge?

3. Paint on Glass (Sesame Street style). I’ve always wanted to do this! You know when they do the number of the day? And they do those crazy art projects? You can do that in the craft room! Without getting in trouble.

Hope you’re having fun and playing often!