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Ocean Kids | Playing at Catalina Island

I’m an ocean kid.
My dad was a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Marines.
My great grandfather engineered steamships on the Great Lakes.
To quote Jimmy Buffet, “the sea’s in my veins.”
The experiences most kids have while camping, I had on a boat:

Family time.
No TV.
Nature hikes (on the Channel Islands).
Reading lots.
Playing cards and board games.
Cooking outside.
Limited resources (if you didn’t bring it with you . . . tough.)
Rowing a dinghy.
Sleeping in tight spaces. Sleeping outside.
Seeing the stars.
REALLY seeing the stars.
Feeling at the mercy of the weather – and the ocean.
Sleeping hard after a day outdoors.
Sunburn. Ouch.
Feeling small because nature is big.
Exploring. Alone.
Creating memories etched forever in my brain.
Spotting wildlife – dolphins, whales, sharks, jellyfish.
Learning fish names.
High speed rush on high horsepower tenders.

Enjoy some of my best shots from our 5 days on the water at Two Harbors (Isthmus).
It was nice to be “home.”

Link to post on Tucker Playground on Catalina Island (Two Harbors/Isthmus)


Sunday 2nd of August 2009

Hi Michele - I loooove Catalina, too. We spent last Thanksgiving there and had a blast. It was really quiet and beautiful. My young boys loved the boat ride over there and exploring the island.

P.S. It was great meeting you in person at the Bloggers Ball!

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