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Tidbits & Tips: MomMaps, KaBOOM Play Day, Dinner Picnics and More

Tidbits & Tips: MomMaps, KaBOOM Play Day, Dinner Picnics and More

Lots to share today! Here are 5 random tidbits and tips which I hope you find helpful (or at least interesting).

You ask – and we figure out how to deliver. MomMaps is an existing iPhone app delivering parks and playgrounds to on-the-go parents. We are contributing our parks and playgrounds to give you mobile access to OC locations. A big thanks to Jill of MomMaps for working with us. (*No compensation received.) We are always open to feedback so let us know how it works for you. Jill tells us she’s “currently working on an Android and BB [Blackberry] support, too! They require different coding, but will be up with OC Play Parks soon!” NOTE: I’m working hard to get all the locations to Jill and then she works hard getting them all into the app. Please be patient with us – we’re working as fast as we can.

Picnics for . . . Dinner!
Of course, that’s a great idea!  A friend mentioned it in an e-mail first: “I found a new park, from your website that we haven’t been to and we are taking pizza, the kids and going to “dinner at a park night.”  Then I got a comment on a park last night: “Just would like to add that this park is right by a Subway and a few other restaurants  – the kids and I love to pick up sandwiches and walk to the park for eating and playing – it makes for a fun and easy dinner!  Enjoy!” There’s still plenty of summer left for picnic dinners.

KaBOOM Play Day Quickly Approaching!
During the week of September 18th-25th, you can host a KaBOOM Play Day. We did it last year and it was so much fun. I asked the kids in the neighborhood if they want to do it again this year and got a resounding “YES!” Consider getting some families together to do a good deed at your neighborhood park or just get outside together for a picnic.

Shutterfly for Photos
I extolled the virtues of Shutterfly to a friend a few days ago and she’d never heard of it. Everyone in my family uses their FREE photo storage services. My kids’ baby books are created on Shutterfly. I’ve created their photo books for travel albums, grandparent gifts, preschool yearbooks, and anything else I can think of along the way. The coolest thing is that – as a family- we can share photos easily. If I want to include some of my mom’s photos, I can just take them from her album and put them in mine. I’ve used the Share Site capability for preschool yearbooks and my sister has used it for sports teams. It gives you the ability for multiple people to upload albums and then you can make a yearbook or share photos this way. (*Again, no compensation received. I should charge for this stuff!)

Donate Used DVDs to
I donate our old kids’ DVDs to Kidflicks. It was started by “kids” and their goal is to provide a “movie library” to every Pediatric Department and Children’s Hospital in the United States.

Focus on the Good
Summer is testing the patience of many mom friends. One of my best strategies, from when my kids were little, was to make a goal of writing down ONE good thing my child did that day. Sometimes it was only one good thing. But many times it was more. It changed my whole focus so instead of waiting for them to do something wrong – I was looking for when they did something right. I’d do it in spurts and not make it fancy. It’s not necessarily something you keep. Just something to write before you go to bed at night.

Thanks for letting me get that all out. Phew!