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What’s Your Vision for Earthroots Field School and Big Oak Canyon?

What’s Your Vision for Earthroots Field School and Big Oak Canyon?

It’s rare for me to back a fundraiser.  My donor dollars are few and come at the expense of my weekly grocery budget.  The cause I pick must support something I truly believe in.  I wish there was enough room in my wallet for ALL the causes that are worthy.

This year, my dollars have gone to support my children’s teachers and their summer training.  I absolutely LOVE teachers and want them to be successful and feel valued!  So how about a teacher who connects kids to nature?  Sounds right up my alley, huh?  Well, Jodi Levine, Director of Earthroots Field School is inspiring a generation of Orange County students to live in balance with the land.  You can be part of it!

The Site:  Earthroots is looking to purchase 40 acres in Silverado Canyon from The Wildlands Conservancy. This property, called Big Oak Canyon, borders Cleveland National Forest, which opens to thousands of acres of hiking trails and natural resources. Big Oak Canyon is rugged and is comprised of a variety of native ecosystems. It also has three pre-developed graded terraces for staging our activities. Spring water flows on site and the property accesses a creek!  Mature fruit trees are growing in an established orchard. The Wildlands Conservancy has generously offered to sell Big Oak Canyon to Earthroots at a reduced rate because they believe in their mission & support their excellent educational track record.

The Vision:  Earthroots’ vision is to create an educational working farm in the current orchard area of this agriculturally-zoned property and to leave the wild areas wild. Natural and sustainable living practices will be actualized and taught so that all who come will see examples of living in balance with nature. In all of their actions, they will strive towards regenerating beneficial relationships between the earth, animals, plants & human communities.

An Invitation to a Celebration: Please join Earthroots Field School at their capital campaign launch party April 1st at Earthroots 6th Annual Festival Fundraiser at the Levine Family Farm. There will be a presentation on their vision for Earthroots future land and an opportunity for you to share your vision as well. They want to hear what your vision is for this land. What do you see when you imagine your children and your children’s children, learning and adventuring on this well nurtured property? Add your vision to the Big Oak Canyon Vision Board at the Earthroots Festival April 1st.

I will be there and I hope to see you there!
It’s $50 per adult and the kids are free.  Just think $100 for 3 hours of fun while supporting a worthy LOCAL cause to benefit your children. Now, that’s money well-spent.

What’s Happening at the Festival:

It will be a blast.
  • Organic food donated by a local restaurant.
  • Three local bands: Birdsong & the Eco Wonders | West African drum and dance, led by Aliso Viejo resident, Kimberly Leeds | Rock & Roll by a local surf band Cram, Miller, Long & Wright (retired and active local lifeguards!)
  • Barnyard animals to visit including chicks, turtles, goats & hens, natural crafts, face painting… a good time… kids and adults of all ages.

For more information:

Disclosure: I only met Jodi a few months ago, but we’ve become fast friends and my kids adore the lessons she teaches them. I am receiving no compensation for posting this, but did get to attend one of the Earthroots Field School events at no charge so I could see Big Oak Canyon first hand (all the photos in this post from that trip). It’s an incredible place. I am donating my $100 for the festival and my son even dipped into his savings to contribute an additional amount (without being asked).


Tuesday 10th of April 2012

I think it will be wonderful for both the kids and the adults in your community, I hope you can make it happen. Near us, in Monroe, Washington, the Wilderness Awareness School has land where the kids get to roam in the woods, jump in the pond, get completely muddy, sample native plants, sit by a tree, and get to know the place in such an intimate way. And there is an intensive school for adults, too. I hope you can make it happen for Earth Roots Field School, too.


Friday 30th of March 2012

You should really know her longer before you decide to donate.


Tuesday 27th of March 2012

Sounds like a great marriage of two things that are near and dear to your heart...and the April 1st celebration sounds like no April Fools - but lots of fun! Way to go!


Monday 26th of March 2012

Count us in!!

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