Where Mommies Dare to Play

Mothers Day

Grandma’s watching the kids. Preschool is in session. Hubby tells you to take off for a break.

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Okay, I know this happens rarely, if at all. Do you have a plan when it does???  You MUST have a plan!! (Target doesn’t count.)

Playtime for mommies is the ever-elusive QUIET time.  I generally like to go to the beach, but here are my very special and secret places of solace and quietude.  I’m giving them away as a gift.

My only request: If I happen to arrive and you’ve taken my seat, can you scoot over and make some room? I promise not to say a word.

Heisler Park in Laguna Beach

Nix Nature Center in Laguna Canyon

Corona Del Mar Beach (benches)


Originally appeared on OCFamily.com.