5 of My Personal Holiday Favorites


One of the pitfalls of a park website is much less readers when the weather is cold or at times when lots of family activities take us away from our normal routine.  That’s a good thing!!  I revert to my childhood habit of goofing off when I think no one’s looking.  (That photo of my and my oldest is from when he was 1 year old and we visited Whistler, B.C.) So how about I just spread some good cheer?

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  1. My favorite holiday songs: Song for a Winter’s Night (Sarah McLachlan), The Gift (Jim Brickman), Christmas Time (Lo-Watt), White Christmas (The Drifters), and Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Dean Martin).
  2. My favorite holiday chores: baking for my neighbors and friends and delivering holiday cards.
  3. My favorite gifts: receiving cards and photos in the mail from friends near and far, the monthly themed shopping list notepads from Mom, personalized photo calendar from Sis, homemade goodies, special presents and cards from the kids.
  4. My favorite traditions: our annual evening out with my Dad and sis (Mom used to wrap presents, now she takes out the husbands and grandkids for their own special night), German food with homemade Spaetzle on Christmas Eve, the husbands rearranging the reindeer place card holders at the holiday table, Christmas Eve family nature outing, and sitting around the table after dinner with those crazy crowns from the holiday crackers.
  5. My favorite holiday blog post: 12 Days of Christmas from the Grass Stain Guru.

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  1. Danielle says

    Ditto. Then, there are the “kids” shows/performances, eating at the “kids” table, and writing Santa and his response back….Can’t wait for THIS Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!