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Oh, The Possibilities!

Oh, The Possibilities!

Zillions of Ideas for Things to Squish, Wonder About, Play, Squint At, Invent, Decorate, Do, Smell, Imagine, Investigate, Paint, Make, Puzzle Over, and Dream!” – Courtney’s Creative Adventures

Who is Courtney Watkins?

Nothing I have read about her “. . . teacher, author, artist, mom, TV personality and creative guru . . .” adequately describes the energy and inspiration this upbeat mom portrays in The Possibility Shop or in real life.  She’s one of those people you like automatically — the girl-next-door type, or in this case, the tomboy-next-door.

On the day I visited the set of this Internet-only series from Disney, Courtney’s brother and childhood best friend were visiting. I think I held my breath for the whole shoot while she breezed through filming how to create a homemade Father’s Day gift for Dad.  I was kinda touched by the way she stopped the show to say her goodbyes when her family left the set. She focused only on them.  That’s how you feel when you watch her webisodes . . . like she’s talking only to you.

Courtney is the creator and host of The Possibility Shop.  After performing her rehearsed lines for the camera, she stepped out of the spotlight and gave an impromptu talk about how her life so far has led to this point. You cannot slow this woman down. She’s on a mission to get everyone she meets in touch with their creative side.

In the show, Courtney faces creative challenges, introduces new ideas, demonstrates how-to-techniques, seeks answers to befuddling questions and all the while unearths the “Aha!” moments hidden in a child’s every day. Revealing creative ideas for art, games, conversations, experiments, inventions, decorations and explorations, Courtney energizes viewers to pursue limitless fun, with on-your-own, at-home activities. (Just my style!)

So where does The Jim Henson Company come in? Well, it’s “Jim Henson’s The Possibility Shop.” Of course! “We’re known for fostering imagination at The Jim Henson Company and Courtney Watkins’ irreverence, whimsy and ability to inspire creativity make her a perfect partner in bringing The Possibility Shop to,” said Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company.

After my brief glimpse into Courtney’s world, I came home and ordered her Courtney’s Creative Adventures book. The subtitle says it all: “Zillions of Ideas for Things to Squish, Wonder About, Play, Squint At, Invent, Decorate, Do, Smell, Imagine, Investigate, Paint, Make, Puzzle Over, and Dream!” I believe the book is out-of-print, but her show is packed with all the same fun stuff!

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*I learned about these shows from attending PR events. Read my full disclosure policy here.

jennifer w.

Wednesday 27th of October 2010

Kermit was always my main squeeze. He always tried to keep the show rolling, and you could detect a little bit of sadness when he sang duets with show guests. It's not easy being green.

Autumn Leroux

Tuesday 26th of October 2010

As a mommy my favorite muppet is Elmo. Watching my children watch him for the first time and seeing how much they love Elmo is a special mommy moment. I love that my children get a chance to watch, learn and grow up watching the same show I did growing up! But for me personally my favorite muppet is from the old Muppet Show! Beaker always had me cracking up and I hold him near and dear to my heart.


Tuesday 26th of October 2010

Beaker! I love Beaker! And the Swedish chef and, after meeting him, I'm liking Pepe the Prawn, too. Thanks for entering the giveaway.

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