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No Slowing Down for This Scooter-Loving Mom

No Slowing Down for This Scooter-Loving Mom

[Dara has a confession to share!]

Guess what? I am the owner of a Razor scooter. Oh-yes-I-am! My kids and husband have their own scooters. We’re kind of geeky like that. So here I am, a 38 year old Mommy who can scoot with the best of them.

My scooter has red handlebar grips and two slick moving wheels. Turns out, I am even pretty good at using my scooter brake! You may have even seen me scooting around one of our gorgeous Orange County parks. I’m the one wearing a little black backpack shouting “Woo-Hoo!” as I glide gracefully (somewhat) downhill.

On occasion, my two kids may be found trailing behind me yelling “Slow down, Mommy!

My love of riding a scooter came as quite a surprise for me. As my kids learned to ride their scooters in our driveway, I was happy lounging on our front doorstep. I gave them words of encouragement, as they learned to dart between strategically placed water bottles.

The driveway got old pretty quick though. Next step was scooting around the block. I was able to speed walk behind the kids and we were all happy. Then the kids became really good on their scooters…my speed walk quickly became a jog and eventually a full on “Wait for me!” frantic-kind of run. Quite honestly, I needed a scooter to keep up with my kids. I wasn’t expecting that I would actually enjoy navigating the scooter around!

My family has found that scooters are a fantastic way to explore some of the parks and trails in Orange County. And four scooters and four helmets fit so easily in the back of our car! Recently we decided to take the kids to William R. Mason Regional Park in Irvine. First, we played with the kids on the playground and then enjoyed a nice picnic lunch. Since we usually keep our scooters in the back of our car we decided to explore the sidewalk trails in the park. Hands down, this has got to be one of the coolest parks to ride scooters around! The sidewalk trail is smooth and has just enough “ups and downs” to give us some speed. My 3 year old son was able to keep up with us and my 8 year old didn’t complain once about the ride being too long. We took our time scooting around the lake and stopped to watch a family of ducks crossing the trail.

As we wound along the trail, I smiled as I heard a loud “Woo-Hoo!” from my husband and giggles from my children. I took one of those mental pictures and stored it away in my heart. Yep, I’m a scooter-loving Mommy alright!

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Tuesday 18th of January 2011

Sounds like fab family fun...I've never felt like I was in control when I tried to scoot. Probably due to the fact that I don't work the break correctly!

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