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My Halloween History in Pictures

My Halloween History in Pictures

Halloween is just one long session of pretend play! Enjoy these Halloween photos from my childhood. My mom was awesome at making it special for us: hand-sewn costumes, Trick-or-Treating, pumpkin patch visits and pumpkin carving, and letting us eat LOTS of candy. The best part was that SHE always dressed up (a tradition which I have sadly not carried on). She would keep it a mystery until the night of Halloween. Then she’d lock herself up in her room and emerge as: a witch, a pregnant lady in a bathrobe with face cream on, and too many other creations to count.

I have vivid memories of the year one little boy in our Trick-or-Treat group dressed as a starfish and could barely walk. It was more like a waddling starfish. It was such a thrill to be out in the DARK that we didn’t care he was slowing us down!

Halloween History

With all the talk about safety, you’d think this is the most hazardous night of the year! C’mon! Stick with your kids, meet some of your neighbors, and chomp on some candy for one day out of the year. This is supposed to be fun.

That’s me right before I turned 2 years old. I was Snoopy.

In this Halloween photo, I’m the oldest as Isis, then my little sis, and cousin who is between us in age. Boy, were we trouble!

This is proof I have actually worn a dress.

And I actually knew the dance that went along with this dress. I remember liking THIS Halloween because my little sis kept pretty quiet. (Just kidding, Sis!)

Back in a dress! This one inspired by lessons about colonial America and a trip to Colonial Williamsburg that year. Sis is a professional ice skater.

Way back in the olden days, we even bobbed for apples.

Even if it messed up our makeup!

Have tons of fun — whatever you do. I wonder what the moon will look like tonight and what spooky sights we’ll see!

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