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Playground Maps: Finding the Fun Is Only A Few Clicks Away

Playground Maps: Finding the Fun Is Only A Few Clicks Away

Playground maps are key to finding a playground. As we create custom playground maps for you, we find most parks are not mapped well — or even at all. So we have the advantage of putting in our own markers.

You can always find the map below by looking in the sidebar and clicking on the text line which reads “Click here to view full map page.”

CommunityWalk Map – Fun Orange County Parks

Important Map Features:

  • The best part about the map above is that once you click over to the map page, you can scroll through a full alphabetical listing of every park and playground location on our site in the left column beside the map.
  • When you move to the map and click on one of the blue markers, a little info box will pop up containing a photo. The title/name of the park is hyperlinked back to our blog where you can read more info and details about the park.

I wanted to alert you to other playground maps:

Even more maps:

Please let me know if you run across other playground maps, I’d love to keep a list going.

More housekeeping:

  • Sharing buttons. Our Facebook friends already know about the little markers at the bottom of each post. By using the “Share and Enjoy” buttons below, you can now easily share posts on Twitter and Facebook or e-mail posts to friends. The BEST feature is now you can print out the post by pressing the last button – the one that looks like a printer with a leaf on it.
  • Facebook friends. If you like us, you can join us on Facebook. We’ve got a good group of friends there. We post links to cool sites and try to give a little insight on each post.
  • Want to start a Family Nature Club? Remember to send me an e-mail (ocplayparks [@] if you live in Orange County and are interested in attending a FREE workshop on how to start your own nature club.

As always, thanks for stopping by and hope you go out to play today!

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