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Permission to Play for Grown-Ups

Permission to Play for Grown-Ups

Do you know why I love Mother’s Day and holidays and vacations? Because I give myself permission to play.  What if you gave yourself permission to play EVERY day?

Natural Graffiti

  • Write “nature notes” to yourself or your loved ones with shells, rocks, sticks. Write in the sand, in the snow, in the mud.
  • Stack rocks to see how they balance.
  • Build sand castles.


  • Notice colors, patterns, and dew drops in nature – feel like the world is bigger than you

Find Your Place

  • Mine is the beach. With kids or without – I relax. I find peace. I slow down.
  • I see the reflections and it reminds me to reflect.


Start today and make it every day — whether it’s 30 seconds or an hour or the whole day. Let your mind wander and let yourself surrender to moments of play.

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