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Parque de Los Vaqueros in Placentia

Parque de Los Vaqueros in Placentia

Parque de Los Vaqueros in Placentia is nestled between housing tracts in a lush greenbelt near an elementary school.

Directions to Parque de Los Vaqueros: The official address for Park de Los Vaqueros is on Carlsbad Street, but I prefer to park in the small dedicated lot off of Yellowstone Avenue instead, which is off of Van Buren Blvd, about half a block south of Yorba Linda Blvd. (Address: 1200 N. Carlsbad Street, Placentia) MAP TO PARQUE DE LOS VAQUEROS


  • While the play equipment is fairly standard but fun, the gorgeous trees are the real draw for me. Many birds and squirrels make their homes here, and I have witnessed some pretty adorable squirrel squabbles.
  • I like to bring some lunch and spend some real time here, and there are plenty of shaded picnic benches and lots of shaded grassy areas to spread out a picnic blanket and just hang out and enjoy the trees.
  • The playground itself is small enough that I feel like I can easily keep an eye on my four-year-old while sticking close to the littler guy.
  • There is a lot of sand at this playground, and while it isn’t pristine, it’s much better for digging around in than the average sand/dirt areas I typically come across at playgrounds.
  • Bench and baby swings

Be Aware:

  • This park is a popular place for the neighborhood pooches to play and we have encountered some fairly large but friendly dogs here, so if a child is afraid of or allergic to dogs, this probably isn’t the best park to visit.


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