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Affordable Family Outing: 5 Things about the OC Zoo

Affordable Family Outing: 5 Things about the OC Zoo

The OC Zoo is one of my favorite places in Orange County. I bring out-of-town guests there ALL the time. Why?

  1. It’s inside Irvine Regional Park which offers FOUR playgrounds, a lake, a nature center, beautiful hikes and walks, open space, blue skies and the Irvine Park Railroad.
  2. They have a new resident: a five month old beaver named Buckley.  It’s very hard to tell if a beaver is a he or a she, so Buckley fits for both. He/she likes to play up at the front of his exhibit and swim in the pond.
  3. You can see the raccoons better now! Raccoons like to bite little fingers. Little fingers like to reach inside the cage. Not a problem with the new barrier.
  4. The zoo’s mountain lion, Amanda, had a medical emergency back in July 2011. Her hind legs weren’t working and she couldn’t walk. She’s a big cat and already a senior at 14. They found she had a herniated disc which ruptured a blood vessel. She was just put back on exhibit in October and her recovery is amazing.
  5. If you or your kids are “afraid” of the wild, the OC Zoo is a great place to learn more about our local wildlife. You can see what a coyote looks like up close, compare a mountain lion to a bobcat, and identify the differences between turkey vultures, hawks, and eagles.

Take my OC ZOO QUIZ to learn more about this local outing! You can start at the zoo, bring a picnic, and spend the whole day exploring the park.

The affordable part?  The OC Zoo admission is only $2/person for ages 3 and over. Kids 2 and under are free.  So a family of four can go to everything in #1  – except the Railroad (see above) for $5 parking fee + $2 x 4 = $13.  The price goes up when you include the Railroad, but it’s fun for special occasions. [OC Zoo official website]


Monday 31st of October 2011

I signed up for your newsletter


Sunday 30th of October 2011

I signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for all the useful information on your blog!


Monday 31st of October 2011

Catherine and Stacy are the winners of the drawing!

Thanks to everyone for playing!

Catherine Wilms

Saturday 29th of October 2011

I love your site. We try new parks almost every single day and have definitely found some favorites that we would have NEVER known about without your site. I even have the site bookmarked on my iphone so I can pick from anywhere I happen to be. Thanks for putting all the legwork and time into this site. ps-the boys' fave place in OC is the Irvine Park. Good grief I could narrate that train ride myself. We love it there!

Karen LM

Saturday 29th of October 2011

We went to the zoo for the first time last week with my sons preschool. I didn't realize we even had a zoo out there!


Saturday 29th of October 2011

We've never been to the OC Zoo. My 5-year-old and little one would LOVE to see the animals :)

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