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How to Find Parks with Baby Swings

How to Find Parks with Baby Swings

I always have parents wanting to know how to find parks with baby swings.  And some who need TWO baby swings for twins!  So this short post is for all of you.

Where to check for baby swings on

  • I’m not sure if I’ve done it for every post over the last 4 years, but I’ve tried to specifically include baby swing info under the HIGHLIGHTS section.
  • If  you can’t find it there, I’d browse through the photos. I always try to take photos of the swings set-up.  (I have FLASH slideshows of many of the parks – at the top of the sidebar in a post – that you may not be seeing on your smartphone or iPad. I’m slowly improving this, but for now you may need to look on a computer with FLASH capabilites to see all the photos).
  • If there are NO baby swings, then I usually write that under the BE AWARE section.

Check the map!

  • However, most of you, will be looking in a specific geographic area.  Which parks in Tustin have baby swings? Which parks in San Clemente?  The Playground Map is pretty nifty because you can look at the map and click on markers to find out the names of the parks.  From there, you can click on the hyperlinked name of the park that comes up in the bubble — and it will take you back to the blog post about the park!  Then you can follow the “where to check” directions from above.

You know I love lists — so you’ve inspired me!  I’ll try to come up with a list to make it easier for you to find.  In the meantime, that should help you out.  Never be afraid to email me, too. I love hearing from readers!