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5 Fun Things at the Park from One Fun Thing™ Author and Illustrator Alii Goedecke

5 Fun Things at the Park from One Fun Thing™ Author and Illustrator Alii Goedecke

Enjoy these 5 Fun Things at the Park post written by One Fun Thing™ Author and Illustrator Alii Goedecke . . .

Ever notice that when you smile, not only do you feel better, but so do others around you?  One simple solution for adding more smiles to your life is One Fun Thing, the little thing that makes a big difference.

Sometimes our daily routine can become hectic, but if there’s One Fun Thing each day, that’s a start to a brighter day.  Your One Fun Thing may be a simple note of encouragement on a lunchbox napkin or a life long dream of climbing Mt. Everest.  The scale doesn’t matter.  It’s the idea that counts.

One Fun Thing will lead you to look at the same daily situations and challenges with a positive outlook.  Who knows what great things this positive outlook and energy will lead you towards!

Try to check off all 5 One Fun Things with your family as you visit your favorite parks!

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Give each person a piece of paper and pencil.  Instruct them to make a list of 10 items that can be found at the park (items can be tricky to find, but not impossible!).  Mix up the lists and have each person randomly draw one.  See who can find all 10 items on their list first.
  2. Name Game: Collect sticks, stems or pine needles from the ground.  Arrange them to spell out your names.  To make into a door-hanger, glue onto cardstock, punch two holes at the top and tie raffia.
  3. In The Bag: Give each person a trash bag.  Have a contest to see who can fill their bag first, who can collect 10 items of trash first, or who can find the most bizarre item of trash.  Be sure to bring some hand sanitizer along for after this game!
  4. Picnic Pals: Plan a picnic at the park where everyone participates.  Assign each member of the family a part of the meal to prepare and pack (sandwiches, snack, fruit, veggies, dessert or drinks). This can even be done right at the grocery store on your way to the park. Or, draw names and each person packs a sack lunch for that person.  Decorate the outside of the bag so everyone can guess whose lunch is whose.
  5. Kite Runner: Bring simple kite building materials such as newspaper, straws, sticks, string, scissors, tape, plastic bags, etc.  Work as teams or individually to design and build a kite.  Have contests for whose kite can fly the highest or the longest (or whose kite can fly at all!)

BONUS: Something Old & Something New: Whether at an old favorite park or visiting a new park…try something new!   Go fishing, go boating, go hiking, go biking, find out all that each park has to offer. has all the information to get you started on your next outdoor adventure!

Alii Goedecke is author/illustrator of One Fun Thing, a children’s book which tells the story of a family discovering how just One Fun Thing can brighten any day.  Visit for more One Fun Thing ideas—the list keeps growing!  One Fun Thing is available at  For One Fun Thing party ideas, see Alii’s articles in Coast Kids Magazine and

Note from Michele: This is NOT a sponsored post. Turns out Alii and I have been sitting in the same small room watching our sons taking a class together for the past 2 years! We just never struck up a conversation about “what we do” until a few weeks ago. I thought you guys would love her One Fun Thing book and ideas. I’ve certainly benefited from her positive attitude and enthusiasm. Look for more to come from Alii on birthdays and party ideas at the park, plus another One Fun Things post. So many ideas, so little time!