Where to Begin?


I guess I'll begin at our first introduction to the Family Nature Summit. I'm signed up for the e-mail newsletter list of the National Wildlife Foundation. One weekend afternoon in April, I received a call for entries for the Craig Tufts Education Scholarship to the upcoming Family Nature Summit in Tahoe. Entrants needed to be between 8 and 18. It sounded intriguing at … [Read more...]

Time Off in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Yay! I'm back. Did ya miss me? Hopefully, you didn't even know I was gone. For seven days: The TV remained OFF. The laptop stayed FOLDED. My social media duties had to WAIT. (Thanks to Dara!) And apart from a few e-mails and random tweets (totaling maybe 20 minutes of my entire week), the whole family enjoyed a tech free "vacation" at Lake Tahoe.  Now . . . I … [Read more...]