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Woo-Hoo! Hurray for a Holiday

Woo-Hoo! Hurray for a Holiday

Don’t know about you, but my kids are out of school today and Monday. Are you trying to get creative and think of some things to do? Let’s run through the weekend and I’ll throw out some ideas.

Friday:  Play with Chores
Make a menu and get stocked up for the weekend today. Run your errands today to save the rest of the weekend for family play.  Get stuff for picnics. It’s going to be beautiful weather.

  • You’re not on a schedule, so go slow and include the kids. Let them pick the fruit and veggies they are going to eat.
  • Factor in some play time, by stopping at parks in between.  Use our playground map. Make everything a game. It’s okay to slow down today.

Saturday: Find Some Uncrowded Place
I can’t stand crowds. I’d guess most theme parks will be crowded.  Head for a nature theme park!

  • Go to and pick a regional park to visit. My husband took the kids to Caspers Wilderness Park playground 2 weeks ago. They had the whole playground to themselves and especially loved the sideways sycamore nearby and all the wildlife sightings.  I have links to our reviews of most regional parks on this Father’s Day post from last year. (Need to add Casper’s).
  • How about picking a park I don’t have up on the site yet and making it a family project to send me a recommendation? I’d love that!

Sunday: Write Your Valentine to Nature
A fellow blogger and I wrote each other’s names in the sand and snow in separate blog posts. I got such a kick out of doing it.

  • Figure out all the ways you can tell someone you love them outside. Write their name with sticks, stones, dirt, mud. Draw a heart in the sand. Be creative and take a photo to save the memory forever.
  • Hold hands with your child and give it a big squeeze while you look for birds on a nature walk.
  • Remember that picnic idea? What about a Valentine’s picnic with red apples, tomato salad, cherry pie, a sandwich with red strawberry jam?

Monday: Beach It!
Beaches are my favorite in winter. You won’t be swimming, but there’s hours of enjoyment waiting for you in the sand. Be thankful you’re not buried in snow.

  • Head to the Doheny State Beach day use area. Of course, this isn’t free — but you can make use of your State Parks annual pass (if you have one).  You can back into a spot by a fire pit and pretend you’re camping – then go home after the sun sets.
  • The Strand (off PCH at Selva) has an awesome new funicular and walking path which you may have read about in the OC Register or on various blogs, like Tiny Oranges.  It’s a great place for sunset watching, tidepooling, and seeing surfers. It’s one of our favorite family outings.
  • I also like Corona Del Mar Beach (off PCH at Marguerite and Ocean Blvd.) for a winter walk down the hill. Park at the top for free and walk down to explore the beach. There’s also “Little Corona” beach a block south at the corner of Ocean and Poppy. MAP
  • Or you could try tidepooling at Crystal Cove State Beach

And here’s my Valentine to you:
Thank you for every moment of every day you spend encouraging your child to explore creative play on their own and for the time you spend outdoors with your kids.  It’s so worth it! Your kids are going to be some of the coolest, most creative adults around!

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