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5 More Fun Things At The Park

5 More Fun Things At The Park

Enjoy these 5 More Fun Things at the Park post written by One Fun Thing™ Author and Illustrator Alii Goedecke . . .

  1. The “Write” Stuff:  Fold and staple paper to make a small book. Decorate the cover with the name of the park, your name and the date. On the other pages write: “My Favorite Tree”, “My Favorite Bug”, “My Favorite Flower”, “My Favorite Animal” and “My Favorite Toy”.  While at the park, explore and draw or write entries to complete the journal (rubs can be made of many items by placing the paper over the item and rubbing the paper with the side of a crayon). Make new books at every park you visit to create a whole collection.
  2. Frisbee Golf:  Set up cones (or select locations) as “holes”.  Take turns throwing Frisbees and counting the number of throws to reach each “hole”. Lowest score wins.  Have a special prize for a “hole in one”!
  3. Amazing Race Treasure Hunt:  Give each person a plastic gold coin, paper and pencil.  After each person secretly hides their gold coin, they must write a clue to find it.  Get creative…it can be a drawing, poem, secret code, or hint.  Mix up the clues and have each person draw one.  First person to find their hidden coin wins.
  4. Egg Drop: Bring a variety of household materials (paper cups, paper towels, straws, cotton, tinfoil, Q-tips, etc.) and eggs.  Give each person or team one egg and allow them to pick 7 items from the materials pile.  After a 15-minute time limit to construct their egg contraption, take turns dropping the eggs off of a play structure or tall rock. See whose eggs survive the fall.  Don’t be a bad egg…be sure to clean up any trash or mess!
  5. TV Guide: Bring a video camera on your park adventure. Take turns behind and in front of the camera.  Give a tour highlighting your favorite sights at the park…think Huell Howser or iCarly!  Enjoy as a great family keepsake or upload your video to You Tube to share with other families looking for great parks.

Want more? Click to see the other list of 5 Fun Things Alii wrote for us in March.

Alii Goedecke is author/illustrator of One Fun Thing, a children’s book which tells the story of a family discovering how just One Fun Thing can brighten any day.  Visit for more One Fun Thing ideas—the list keeps growing!  One Fun Thing is available at  For One Fun Thing party ideas, see Alii’s articles in Coast Kids Magazine and

Note from Michele: This is NOT a sponsored post, but I recently got to know Alii and I’m a fan of her ideas and outlook on life. Look for more to come from Alii on birthdays and party ideas at the park. So much fun, so little time!

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