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I’m in Love with My Legs

I’m in Love with My Legs

I think too much.  One of the things constantly taking up space in my consciousness is an unusual appreciation for my legs.  It’s not how they look that gains my admiration. I’m in love with my legs because of what they do for me.  Does anyone else have this strange affinity?

Today I feel like writing a full-on love letter to my legs:

  • I love use my legs for nature walks and finding treasures and seeing sights I wouldn’t see if I were in a car.
  • I love kicking my legs in the pool, splashing and gliding through the water.
  • I love chasing my kids and spinning in circles, falling down with my toes towards the sky.
  • I love all the scars, bumps, and bruises signifying my rough usage of them over the years.
  • I love that when I bend my knees and use my back, my legs can be super strong and lift heavy things.
  • I love to hang my feet over the side of a boat and let my legs kick back and forth in the water.
  • I love how they allow me to be quiet instead of loud; I can get up and move to whisper-distance to get someone’s attention.
  • I love to sit in a beach chair and make patterns in the sand by keeping my legs in constant motion and dragging my feet.
  • I love to hear the sound of a soccer ball pop when I launch it in the air with a hefty kick.
  • I love how they help me climb and navigate obstacles.
  • I love to dance with my daughter and fake spar with my son.
  • I love how they propel me and carry me and make me feel solid.

Most of all, I love how they remind me that life could be very different if they were weak, if they didn’t work right, or had to be removed.  I might not love them so much then. I am so lucky to move how I want that I’m motivated to take advantage of every second!

Do you know how I show my legs love?  I get outdoors and move!

How about showing your legs some love today?

Photo and idea credit: Bosh Images (who photographed my legs which reminded me of my appreciation for them!)


Tuesday 28th of June 2011

Hi Michele- I love, love, love this post. I'm going to try to appreciate my legs more and maybe some other body parts, too!

Jen {Tiny Oranges}

Wednesday 22nd of June 2011

Wow! What a gorgeous pic (of your gorgeous legs!) and a beautiful post. I sometimes think I am weird because I also have a love affair with my legs and what they do for me. Ever since I started running I have so much appreciation for my legs and the distance they take me. I love that you wrote about this!!!!


Thursday 23rd of June 2011

Thanks, Marghanita and Jen. You two definitely don't take your legs for granted with all that running and biking!

Marghanita Hughes

Friday 17th of June 2011

What a beautiful post and a wonderful reminder how grateful we should be for the miracle of our legs. "I love to dance with my daughter and fake spar with my son" what joy- this post made me cry. I love you Michele and all that you gift us. You are a very special being. Thank you for being who you are.

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