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America’s Great Outdoors

America’s Great Outdoors

In February, President Obama spoke at the White House (see video) on America’s Great Outdoors Initiative and the future of its outdoors. The initiative pertains to connecting American’s to their outdoor spaces and explores ways to streamline conservation efforts across the nation directed by public input:

“They are the places that offer us refuge from daily demands, renew our spirits, and enhance our fondest memories, whether they are fishing with a grandchild in a favorite spot, hiking a trail with a friend, or enjoying a family picnic in a neighborhood park.” –President Obama, Memorandum “A 21st Century Strategy on America’s Great Outdoors” (April 16, 2010)

I was especially struck by the section of the report about what youth said about their access to the outdoors (PDF):

“Studies show that young people today are spending half as much time outdoors as their parents did – and an average of more than seven hours a day with electronic media.” And goes on to say: “They articulated a need for better information about how to find and access outdoor places close‐to‐home.”

What do you think? Do your kids spend half as much time outdoors as you did? How much time do they spend with electronic media?

Click over to see an informative and patriotic video about the history and tradition of conservation in America from the Department of the Interior.

Also worth a read is Kurt Repanshek’s article: “Can We Afford The America’s Great Outdoors Initiative?

Camper Glamis

Sunday 20th of March 2011

Places like these are what makes our country beautiful. Preserving them and knowing how to take care of them will serve us good in the future. We will never know when we will need nature on our side.

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