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8 Summer Firsts

8 Summer Firsts

Summer. I see it as a time where we have those extra moments to try something new or feel something we’ve never felt before. As I look back, our summer was full of those experiences!

My first trip to Chinatown in LA by public transportation. We took Metrolink from Irvine to Union Station to the Gold Line and walked up the street for Dim Sum at the Empress Pavilion and baked goodies at the 73 year old Phoenix Bakery.

First summer (of my life!) that I didn’t watch the first Monday Night Football game. As of our June garage sale, we have NO television in our house.

First time I’ve shed tears over CA state parks. 70 will close unless we all take action. Watch this video about how the “relative significance of a park” is one of the criteria that decided which parks would close. (Learn more from and California State Park Foundation.)

First time our whole family pooled all the our old photographs. A service then scanned our prints into digital, so now we have all those photos of me playing, eating, and sleeping. I’ve spent hours finding some old gems!

First time we did the whole caterpillar-to-butterfly metamorphosis with a kit at home.

First time I saw an Imagination Playground in action at a playground build in Anaheim.

First summer that I didn’t have to get in the pool every time we went – because the kids can swim well enough on their own.

First time I stood on Hoover Dam.


What were some of your firsts?

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Thursday 8th of September 2011

This was the first summer we hiked without a kid carrier since having kids. The end of an era. The beginning of another. :-)

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