Nojoqui Falls Park: Waterfall Hike in Solvang

Nojoqui Falls Park and Waterfall Hike

Nojoqui Falls Park is tucked in the foothills of Solvang and features a waterfall hike. This park is NOT in Orange County! It's in Santa Barbara County which is about 3 and a half hours from OC.  If you look  at the "Family Travel" menu above, you'll see plenty of family trip ideas to places outside Orange County. My site is launching this summer with even … [Read more...]

Road Trip: Best of Solvang Pastry Sweetness & The Book Loft

Solvang Aebleskivers

Solvang is tradition for my family. It's a special place. A sweet treat.  Sure, it's touristy and not 100% authentic Denmark.  But it's a 100% authentic part of my childhood. Unlike many places that have disappeared as I've grown older, I can still go there and I can feel like a kid again. It brings back memories of long drives to Northern California to see my grandparents … [Read more...]

Hit the Road: Sunny Fields Park in Solvang

Solvang Play

Sunny Fields Park in Solvang is something right out of a Viking fairytale. It's built of wood and decorated in the distinct shades of pale blue, green and muted red.  Immediately after I posted  Hans Christian Andersen Park and recommendations for a visiting to Solvang -- I had a bunch of people ask me why we didn't go to Sunny Fields. So on our next trip, we did! Location: … [Read more...]