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Mice Can Be Heroes

Mice Can Be Heroes

Leo Lionni and Arnold Lobel books prove that mice are smart. At least, that’s what you’ll think after you read these two favorites to your kids. Turns out my favorite children’s books aren’t just one-hit wonders. I’m fond of many, many books by both Leo Lionni and Arnold Lobel. These author/illustrators tell real stories with wonderful lessons featuring animals who embody struggles and victories within their colorful pages.

In Frederick, Leo Lionni describes a family of mice frantically gathering supplies for the winter. Frederick doesn’t seem to be helping, but he’s really gathering the most important item of all.

Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel features a crafty mouse who may, or may not, get out of being dinner for a weasel.

I highly recommend these books for any child’s home library. They made my imagination explode as a kid and the vivid stories are still present in my mind as an adult.

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