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Don’t Be Koi

Don’t Be Koi

Suz Lipman over at SlowFamilyOnline started her Photo Friday last week. She says:

“Photography is a wonderful activity for the “slow.” When I find myself wandering around with a camera (which is most of the time), I tend to look up and around more than usual, seeking those things which are just out of the ordinary. Senses are heightened, connections are made.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I made NO touch-ups or edits to this photo. This appears just how I saw it! Can you guess the location?

Marghanita Hughes

Friday 4th of February 2011

Beautiful photograph Michele. As you know, I'm a huge fan of photography especially when it involves nature. When you take time to slow down, you notice so much more. It never ceases to amaze me the intricate detail in a flower. I am in awe of mother nature and the beauty she gifts us every single day-what a joy! Thanks for sharing.

Suz @ Slow Family

Friday 4th of February 2011

Hi Michele! What gorgeous colors and composition. That is such a magical moment. It's amazing what we can see and capture. Thank you so much for sharing, here and on my blog. Cheers!

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Friday 4th of February 2011

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Friday 28th of January 2011

sjc mission! love it. the colors are amazing, i want to grab that fish!

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