Montane Botanic Garden and Children’s Outdoor Discovery Center

montane botanic garden

The Southern California Montane Botanic Garden and Children's Outdoor Discovery Center is known in our family as our "Annual Oak Glen Hike." Apple picking is optional! The main reason we go is to get out onto the family-friendly trails in fall. Why don't you come along with us? This is such a great interpretive hike for the kids and when you come back every year - and … [Read more...]

Apple Pie and Fall Colors in Oak Glen

Apple Pie and Fall Colors

Blog readers, like you, turned me on to apple picking in Oak Glen in 2010 (see post from back then). Since then, everyone has posts on apple picking!  The thing I hear over and over again from adults is that it's an outing they still remember from their childhood. My 8 year old daughter pushed this year's trip. We've been disappointed in the past when Los Rios Rancho runs … [Read more...]