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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Thanks for checking in here before sending me an email. I am NOT an official park entity – I provide this info as a free community service.

Never hesitate to email me at if your question is not addressed here.


Q: Can I reserve ___________ Park?

A: The bio in my sidebar and a brief note on my “About” page clearly states: “UNOFFICIAL information provided as a free community service” because I am a freelance writer with a passion for parks. Helping families prioritize nature and play time is my mission, but not my profession. If you’d like to know what I do for a living, visit Most of my posts have a link to OFFICIAL websites and information on the park. If it doesn’t, please let me know and I will correct by adding this essential info.

As a side note, I think some people are shy about calling the cities or regional offices that run the parks. I find the people who answer public information questions to be very nice and it’s usually a big shortcut in comparison to endlessly searching around websites for info that might not be posted.


Q: Can we hold our special event in your park? (Usually asked without naming the park).

A: I have no idea. You will need to contact the OFFICIAL source. Just remember to include the name of the park and sometimes I can point you in the right direction.

Need help finding the OFFICIAL source? Ask me. Or if it’s a city, you can link directly to the city website through the list of cities on this post.


Q: Would your organization be interested in ____________?

A: I am not an organization. It’s just me here – one blogger running the whole thing (website design, graphics, social media, new blog posts, photography, location visits, video, etc.) with the generous assistance of many helpful readers who make sure I know what’s going on in the parks.


Q: Can I use your photograph?

A: All my photography is protected by copyright regardless of whether a watermark is present. It’s not okay to just re-post my photography with a photo credit. Please get my permission first. I evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis. I  make my high res images available for a fee.


Q: Can I link to your post?

A: Yes! I love it when other bloggers link to my posts, especially when they credit Michele at


Q: Do you accept guest posts?

A: No! (To all the spammy wannabe guest posters who only want a link for SEO purposes.)

Maybe? (To any local Orange County business with something valuable to offer my readers.)

Yes! (To any parent willing to be a legitimate Volunteer Park Reporter for a day.)


Q: Do you need help?

A: (Ha! Wish someone would ask this one!) My answer is that I’d love to hear from you if you think you have something to offer.


Go to my Contact page if you’d still like to get in touch.