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Play Sponsor of the Week: Aurum Strategies “The Original Gold Party People”

Michele Chenault is a Master Assayer with Aurum Strategies. She and her team of representatives offer you a chance to trade in your gold jewelry for cash by attending or hosting a gold party.  An average party of 10-15 people yields $2,500-$3,000 to your guests and $250-$300 to you as the hostess. Where else can you have a party where the attendees get a check, the hostess gets a check and everyone leaves happy? Michele says, “It’s the happiest party ever!”

Michele’s Favorite Play Activity
“My favorite play activity is 10 years in the making. As the creator of the SUMMER OF FUN CALENDAR, I have spent the last 10 years planning ways for moms to entertain their kids during the summer months. Every summer on Mondays, we pack a picnic lunch and enjoy all that our wonderful, fun OC parks have to offer.”

About Aurum Strategies and the STA$H Team

  • Aurum Strategies is based in Houston, TX with over 150 reps across the USA.
  • As “The Original Gold Party” people, they offer top dollar for your gold. They even urge you to price around and get other offers from jewelry stores and other companies and then bring that offer to them.
  • Her reps will walk you and your guests through all of the tests that they perform to determine the payout for your gold and they do this right before your eyes. So don’t send your gold in and get less for your unwanted jewelry than you deserve…bring it to Team STA$H, the largest Team in Aurum and in CA.
  • “Turn your STA$H into CA$H” with one of their 50 reps located all over California and beyond.
  • Contact Michele at to schedule your party today or talk about the business opportunity she can offer you!

Special Opportunities

  • Host a Gold Party and earn 10% of the total checks written at the party, not from your guests’ checks but from Aurum.
  • Become a Gold Buyer yourself (join her team called Team STA$H!) and make some extra money at a side job that beats all others.