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8 Ideas for Spring Break Family Activities Away From The Crowds

Spring Break Away from the Crowds

Sometimes families face challenges planning their spring break family activities. If you have school-age kids, they're home. If you don't then you're fighting crowds to do the things you normally do without competing with the droves of school kids. I have a particularly vivid memory of driving the kids to Legoland during spring break -- only to wait an HOUR to get into the … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Old Friends – A Modern Fairytale for Moms

A Modern Fairy Tales for Moms

Once upon a time, in a land far away . . . a mom had time to think. (I know. This NEVER happens. Even in fairytale world. Just play along.) This mom thought about spending her Spring with her three old friends: Googla, Fbooka, and Pinny. Now, Googla was the mom's know-it-all friend. The mom could ask her any question and Googla would come up with an answer. Even if it wasn't … [Read more...]

Places to Go in OC with Green Hills

places to go in oc with green hills

Having lived in places where this season is marked by the color brown, I just love California's green winters. But the weather is heating up for spring and we'll be losing our green hills to the brown of summer. So I wanted to put together a little list of places to go in OC with green hills for family hikes. The disclaimer is that this list is only good after the rain has come … [Read more...]

Why Every Southern California Kid Should Go Whale Watching

Why EverySouthern California Kid Should

Dana Wharf Whale Watching invited my family on a whale watching trip at the end of February. Every time we go whale watching with Dana Wharf is a different experience. The boat is always sturdy and the captain and crew are always accomodating -- but we never see the same thing twice.  March is time for the Dana Point Festival of Whales and a special opportunity to catch the … [Read more...]